WATCH: Danica Patrick rude to fan during autograph signing

By Matt Johnson

Before her final race in the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver Danica Patrick signed autographs for fans. One encounter left a fan with a bad impression of her afterwards.

According to Terez Owens, the fan showed up at the race track at 5 a.m. and waited in line for several hours before he finally arrived at Patrick’s table and asked her sign his hat.

“I got my chance. I woke up at 5am and waited in line for almost 3 hours for her to try and snatch the marker out of my hand a couple of times before finally getting it,” said Jackson Trace, via Terez Owens. “…throwing the marker back at me when she didn’t like the way the brand new marker wrote and then in the very last frame you can see her arm where she threw the hat back at me too…”

The fan’s interaction with Patrick was recorded on camera and posted on YouTube. In the video, Patrick can be seen throwing the pen down on the table and then her arm is seen moving forward.