WATCH: Dallas Lloyd with pick-six on Mitch Trubisky

North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky is having a miserable go of it against Stanford in the Sun Bowl. After turning the ball over twice already in the game, he threw his second bad interception of the game to safety Dallas Lloyd.

Backed up deep in his own territory, Trubisky never say Lloyd lurking as he attempted a throw to the right sideline. The safety jumped the route and scored an easy touchdown.

It was just an awful decision, his third really poor decision of the day and the second in which he paid for it with an interception. Trubisky got lucky earlier in the game when a terrible move to throw across his body into the deep middle of the field resulted in an incomplete pass, rather than an interception.

Trubisky’s third turnover of the game occurred on a play in which he was scrambling. He had the ball get inadvertently punched out by a ref on the field, and Stanford recovered (watch here).

This score gave the Cardinal a five-point lead, 22-17, after a failed two-point conversion.