WATCH: Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo trolls Astros during at-bat

© Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros are going to take plenty of shots this year from opponents. While fastballs into the body will hurt, this savage troll comment by Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo will probably leave a mark, too.

During ESPN’s broadcast of the team’s spring training game, Rizzo was mic’d up and offered a nice, subtle shot at the Astros and their cheating system of banging trash cans.

Rizzo taking fans into the process of guessing the next pitch they’ll face is a cool moment, but adding that line is what puts this over the top as an epic troll. While there was no bang of a trash can to alert Rizzo of the upcoming pitch, he still managed to line a single in the third inning.

Let’s hope MLB makes more of an effort to put a microphone on players and let them have fun on the field. If that happens, we should hear even more incredible trolling from the Astros’ opponents this season and that’s exactly what baseball fans want to hear.