WATCH: Controversial Tee Higgins penalty negates huge gain for Clemson

By Jesse Reed
© Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the rules implemented for safety are extremely frustrating in the moment, which is something Clemson receiver Tee Higgins found out the hard way Monday night.

Higgins came flying into the fray as tight end Branden Galloway broke loose in the middle of the field. The receiver blasted an LSU defender who absolutely had a shot to chase down Galloway and make a tackle, but he was flagged 15 yards for what was deemed a blindside block.

It’s hard to say this really was a blindside block. At the least it was a tough penalty to take.

After moving the ball back 15 yards, Galloway’s 42-yard gain ended up netting the Tigers just 27 yards. But in the end, Clemson continued to plow their way into LSU territory and capped the drive off with a one-yard touchdown run by Trevor Lawrence.