WATCH: Christian Yelich thrown out on unusual fielder’s choice

By Michael Dixon
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The bottom of the sixth inning in Thursday’s NLDS game between the Milwukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies featured an unusual play involving Christian Yelich.

Yelich was at first base when Ryan Braun hit a scalding line drive at Colorado first baseman, Ian Desmond. Desmond got his glove on the ball, but couldn’t quite bring it in, and the ball trickled to right field. But, perhaps because Desmond reached out and tagged him, Yelich did not know that the ball was not caught and thought he was doubled up. By the time he realized what had actually happened, it was too late. Carlos Gonzalez picked the ball up and threw it to Trevor Story covering second to retire Yelich.

That’s not the kind of play you’re going to see everyday, especially in a playoff game. It was certainly a big break for the Rockies, who avoided a two men on, nobody out scenario.

For those scoring at home, it goes down as a 9-6 fielder’s choice.