WATCH: Chiefs hook up superfan ‘Bad Luck Chuck’ with awesome gifts ahead of AFC title game

Chiefs forfeit
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When the Kansas City Chiefs fell into a 24-0 hole last weekend, one fan at Arrowhead who is now known as “Bad Luck Chuck” took it upon himself to leave the stadium. As soon as he did, the Chiefs began their historic comeback win over the Houston Texans.

Ahead of the AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans, “Bad Luck Chuck” (also known as Charles Penn by his friends and family) isn’t taking any chances and is staying at home to watch.

“I went to the Steelers playoff game; they lost. The Titans Wild Card game, they lost. I skipped out on the Colts game last year, they won. But I come back to the Patriots game, and they lost. So I’m 0-3 in the playoffs,” Penn said, per Fox 4 in Kansas City.

Showing the same loyalty to Penn that he showed to the organization, the Chiefs have provided the diehard fan with an incredible in-home viewing experience. Check out this video of the Chiefs bringing in a ton of gear so that “Bad Luck Chuck” can watch the game in style.

That’s all kinds of awesome. Kudos to Penn for falling on his sword in the first place, and kudos to the Chiefs for rewarding him for his loyalty.