WATCH: Chase Daniel goes undercover to prank teammates

New to the Chicago Bears, backup quarterback Chase Daniel got the last laugh on an epic undercover stunt pulled off brilliantly against his team.

Just watch as Daniel casually cruises around Bears training camp while wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses and asking his teammates for autographs. Note that he very much looks the part of a Bears fan, wearing quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s No. 10 jersey.

Are Daniel’s teammates really this oblivious while he interacts with them, asking them questions as to which positions they play?

Why yes they are.

Daniel’s ultimate undercover move was getting Trubisky to sign his jersey. Trubisky was completely clueless that it was Daniel until the kids around him filled him in on the joke.

Daniel even pulled off his disguise on head coach Matt Nagy. This was definitely A-plus work from Daniel (making up for a dismal showing in his first preseason game), whose teammates completely flunked out across the board.