WATCH: CFB coach apologizes for running up score in 90-6 win

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

When a team wins in a blowout, the head coach usually talks about everything they did well. Following South Dakota State’s 90-6 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Saturday, head coach John Stiegelmeier criticized himself for running up the score.

In the team’s postgame press conference, Stiegelmeier opened his press conference by taking responsibility for how he managed the game and apologizing to Arkansas-Pine Bluff and their head coach Cedric Thomas.

“Disappointed in how I managed the game,” Steigelmeier said, via SDSU Athletics. “I should have slowed it down earlier in the game. I should have taken all passes out. And I should have been more respectful to our opponent. I apologize to Arkansas-Pine Bluff and coach (Cedric) Thomas. I am excited about the young guys who were in there and made plays when given the opportunity, so you have to balance that. I think I could have been a better head football coach tonight.”

The Jackrabbits, who led 49-6 at halftime, continued to dominate in the second half against the Golden Lions. South Dakota State ended the third quarter with a 70-6 lead but kept the scoring going in the fourth quarter.

It’s nice to see the coach take responsibility for running up the score. He used three quarterbacks during the game and seven different players got multiple carries in the win.

However, this was still a coach whose team threw a 37-yard touchdown pass with a 70-6 lead and a 76-yard touchdown pass in the final two minutes with an 83-6 lead. The apology may not be enough to make up for what he did in the eyes of many.