Watch: Cam Newton Plays Wide Receiver in Flag Football Game

Would the Carolina Panthers want their $100 million quarterback running routes and playing wide receiver during the offseason?

After Steve Smith broke his arm playing flag football a handful of years ago, probably not.

Watch as Newton lines up to catch a pass during a game of flag football.

Not to worry. According to reports, Newton only took four of five snaps. Additionally, Franklin Terry of the Charlotte Observer noted this:

“He definitely was not going hard. He played on the outside with a towel over his head.”

NFL contracts contain a clause which prohibits players from playing football with any other team but their own unless written consent is given from the club. Players are also not supposed to engage in strenuous activities other than football due to personal injury risk.

The reporter on scene further noted:

“He probably got one ball thrown to him. And then the rest of the time, he was calling the plays in the huddle. That is exactly how I could relate it to — a Pop Warner coach calling plays and standing on the field.”

It was also reported that it was 94 degrees out and Newton didn’t crack a sweat. A couple of jogs around a friendly game of flag football should hardly be cause for concern.

Photo: East Bay Golf