WATCH: Cam Newton gives questionable effort to recover forced fumble

By Michael Dixon

Cam Newton was the MVP of the NFL this season, but his effort — or complete lack of effort — on this play will not be showing up on his personal highlight reel.

You have to make some effort to go after that ball. Maybe he’d recover and maybe he wouldn’t, but not even trying is completely unacceptable.

On the other end of the MVP discussion is Von Miller, who forced the fumble. He forced a Panthers fumble in the first quarter, which led to a defensive touchdown. This sack didn’t result in a defensive touchdown, but it did give the Broncos a short field to set up the game-clinching touchdown.

Miller had two-and-a-half sacks in Super Bowl 50. Two of those set up the only two touchdowns that the Broncos scored. Cam Newton may be the season’s MVP, but Von Miller is pretty clearly the MVP of this game.