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WATCH: Browns RB Dontrell Hilliard somehow hangs onto crazy catch despite getting flipped by Marcus Peters

Jesse Reed

Cleveland Browns running back Dontrell Hilliard was absolutely laid out by Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters Sunday but somehow hung onto the ball.

Here’s a video clip of the crazy catch, which saw both players hurt afterward.

This play illustrates the brutal nature of the game of football. Here, Peters goes low so he doesn’t incur a penalty for hitting Hilliard too high. He took out Hilliard’s knee, though, hurting himself in the process.

And, as Dov Kleiman pointed out, Baker Mayfield never should have led his guy into that hornet’s nest of trouble.

Hopefully Hilliard is okay. That knee injury looked nasty. Which is why it’s all the more incredible that he somehow hung onto the ball.