WATCH: Lorenzo Cain puts his body on the line for clutch catch at wall

© Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich gets plenty of attention for his accomplishments with the bat, center fielder Lorenzo Cain deserves just as much praise for his work with the glove.

In the midst of a tie game during Friday’s contest against the Philadelphia Phillies, Cain put those defensive abilities on display with an incredible catch at the wall right before he collided with it.

Against any other team, that’s almost certainly an RBI double for Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Cesar Hernandez. Instead, Cain put his body on the line and reached out to grab the baseball right before he collided with the wall.

Cain’s willingness to make jaw-dropping plays is just one of the many things that makes him one of the best at his position. When both he and Yelich are clicking at the plate, the top of Milwaukee’s lineup seems to be unstoppable.