WATCH: Big Kat Bryant caught in the act faking injury to stop the game

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

During the fourth quarter of Saturday’s huge game between Auburn and LSU, Big Kat Bryant was caught in the act faking an injury to stop the game.

Check out the big man walking just fine after the play, no limp showing whatsoever. Then, as soon as he looked to the Auburn sideline, he fell down onto the ground to fake an injury. When he came off the field he was sporting quite a pronounced limp.


This kind of play is why so many fans and coaches get upset at times when defenders fall to the ground during fast-moving offensive drives. It’s really a bad act, because it leads to unfortunate moments when players really are injured.

In the end, this act didn’t help the Tigers, as LSU’s Joe Burrow scored a touchdown to give his team a 10-point lead shortly afterward.