WATCH: Ben Roethlisberger goes Dan Marino on fake-spike TD

Ben Roethlisberger channeled Dan Marino Sunday evening in Pittsburgh as the Steelers hosted the Dallas Cowboys. Driving his team down the field in the final minute of the game, down by five, he pretended to spike the ball, freezing the entire Cowboys defense and paving the way for the go-ahead touchdown to Antonio Brown.

Well, we should clarify. The entire Cowboys defense froze except for the same guy who was actually guarding — or pretending to guard — Brown.

After the Steelers failed to convert their fourth two-point try of the game, they took a one-point lead into the remaining seconds of the game.

Dallas had one more chance to win the game and unbelievably did so after two personal foul penalties advanced them down the field. Ezekiel Elliott finished off the winning effort, going through the Pittsburgh defense on a 32-yard touchdown run.

The Cowboys won by the score of 35-30.