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WATCH: Bat dog steals show at Minor League game

Dropping the bat when the pitch is called a strike is normally embarrassing for a hitter. But when there’s a bat dog in the mix, it’s even more challenging.

Jhonny Santos, a Class-A player for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, recently found that out the hard way. He dropped the bat after what he thought was ball four, only to have it called a strike. When he picked the bat up to resume the at-bat, he had to deal with Miss Lou Lou Gehrig, the bat dog.

Santos can take comfort in this. Umpires are not known for having terribly thick skin. Doing what Santos did is quick way for a player, especially a Minor Leaguer, to get on an umpire’s bad side.

But there’s no way that anyone can possibly remain mad after seeing that display from Lou Lou.