WATCH: Aqib Talib commits brutal facemask on Corey Brown

By Michael Dixon

Aqib Talib is not having himself a good Super Bowl. He committed a rather obvious, brutal facemask penalty against Corey Brown on Carolina’s first scoring drive.

The pylon cam provided yet another view.

While the Broncos are leading the game 10-7, Talib isn’t helping much. He prolonged Carolina’s previous drive when he was flagged for a taunting penalty, which gave the Panthers a first down after missing on a third-down attempt.

This facemask didn’t end up being much of a penalty. Since Brown was tackled so close to the goal line, it was a half the distance to the goal foul, which worked out to less than two yards.

Carolina scored on the next play on a run, or leap from Jonathan Stewart. They made the extra point to cut the deficit to 10-7. They made the kick, despite a member of the Broncos jumping offsides. The player? Aqib Talib. Not a great game so far, Mr. Talib.