WATCH: Alex Ovechkin doing keg stand out of the Stanley Cup at Nationals game

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin was on hand for the Washington Nationals’ game against the San Francisco Giants in D.C. Saturday afternoon.

Though, the now one-time Stanley Cup champion wasn’t the biggest figure on hand from a Caps team that just earned its first ever NHL title. Instead, it was the Stanley Cup itself.

Here, Ovechkin is seen taking a keg stand out of the freaking cup itself during the Nationals’ game as fans chanted his name in the background. It’s probably the best thing we’ll see all day.

We certainly must give credit to those holding Ovechkin for the keg stand. Who among us has not been let down by friends in a similar situation? This one scribe still has battle wounds from direct contact with concrete. But I digress.

While pretty much the entire sports world was rooting for the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals, it’s a tremendous thing to see an all-time great like Ovechkin hoist the cup for the first time after 13 brilliant years in the NHL.

He certainly deserves to celebrate. We’re also glad no one dropped him. That would’ve ruined a perfectly nice day in the nation’s capital.