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WATCH: Adam Vinatieri nails clutch FG after refs screw Colts on 2-point try

A crazy sequence of events occurred late in the fourth quarter during the craziest game of Week 14. The Indianapolis Colts had just scored their first touchdown of the game when Jacoby Brissett found Jack Doyle in the back right corner of the end zone for six points.

With just over a minute left in this blizzard of a game, and really with nothing to lose already having nine losses, Colts coach Chuck Pagano called for a two-point conversion to win it outright. The Colts converted.

Only, after a very long delay, officials ruled that Indy illegally used a pick play to spring their receiver open. It was a horrible call, because the block occurred as the team was running play-action, and it occurred within one yard of the line of scrimmage.

So, with the penalty, the Colts would have either had to try a 12-yard two-point conversion or a 43-yard extra point. Neither option being very ideal, the Colts opted to put the game in the capable hands — or in this case, foot — of future Hall of Famer Adam Vinatieri.

What’s really funnny is that before he attempted the long field goal in the snow (it must have been about six inches deep at this point), the Colts were going nuts clearing a space on the field for him to kick from. Even bending the rules a bit to do it.

In the end, Vinatieri nailed the field goal, which quite honestly might have been one of his best ever, to tie the game up.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t money the second time in a short span after Indy got the ball back and drove into field-goal range, and the game went into overtime. Still, if we’re being honest, the Colts should have outright won this game if not for an awful, not to mention very late call by the refs.