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WATCH: 57-year-old Jerry Rice runs 40 at combine wearing ‘GOAT’ track outfit

Jesse Reed
Jerry Rice, Super Bowl LIV
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Rice, at the age of 57, is still faster than most of us. He ran the 40 on Sunday as part of Rich Eisen’s “Run Rich Run” project, and looked pretty smooth doing it.

Check out the Hall of Famer, who showed up wearing a “GOAT” track outfit, showing Eisen how to take off properly (around the 2:10 mark).

Here’s the result of Rice’s 40 at the combine.


We’re not exactly sure if it really was Rice’s first 40 since his own NFL Scouting Combine performance, way back in 1985. But if it was, he’s doing darn good for a guy approaching 60.