Watch: 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh’s Ridiculous Sideline Tantrums

San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t exactly shy when it comes to containing his emotions from the sidelines.

In his most recent tantrum, this video has Harbaugh tossing up all his “important papers” as he witnesses something that didn’t go well between his team and the New Orleans Saints.

Even more funny is how he is ignored by his team on the sidelines and no one moves to help Harbaugh pick up the papers.


In this video, we’re not sure what has Harbaugh’s khakis in a bunch, but something has frustrated him enough to beat up the sideline drum set, looking extremely child-like.


Harbaugh isn’t pleased with a call made during this 2013 NFC Championship game with the Atlanta Falcons as he broadcasts his own freak show from the sidelines.


It’s hard to tell what has Harbaugh fired up in this clip, however it’s sure fun to laugh as he angrily pulls his hat down further onto his head.

Harbaugh’s antics may be hilarious on the sidelines, but at what point do we start to feel sorry for the 49ers head coach embarrassing himself?


Photo: NBC Sports