Washington Redskins Hire Lobbying Firm

When all else fails in the political arena, especially on the Beltway, go for broke and hire a lobbying firm. This is exactly what Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins did in order to help support their stance on remaining the Redskins into the future. According to Politico, McGuireWoods Consulting was hired by the Redskins in late May and includes some K Street power players…

Lobbyists Ron Platt, Frank Donatelli, former member of Congress Lewis F. Payne and former Senate Finance Committee staff director Russ Sullivan are all listed on lobbying account for McGuireWoods.

The report also indicates that some within the government may use NFL’s tax-exempt status to force a name change. It’s unknown whether the Redskins hiring of McGuireWoods Consulting will play a role in that aspect of this controversy, though it’s safe to conclude their involvement will include that as well.