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Washington Football Team to reveal its new name, logo on Feb. 2

Matt Johnson
Washington Football Team name reveal
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team is finally set to announce its new name, with the franchise announcing the reveal of the new team brand will be released on Feb. 2.

Washington teased before the 2021 season that its big unveil would come in 2022, well in advance of next season. The franchise picked out its new name and logo months ago, with only select people made aware of the franchise’s new brand and logo.

Now, nearly 18 months after the franchised ditched its offensive team name, fans can mark their calendars for the reveal the NFL world has been waiting for.

The franchise is sticking with its primary colors, burgundy and gold, but it’s widely believed the name change will happen despite WFT leaving open the possibility of keeping the current name.

What will the Washington Football Team be called in 2022

Washington narrowed down its choices to three in August, but wouldn’t outright deny a list of eight names that were reported this summer. The following were the names reportedly being discussed within the organization.

  • Washington Armada
  • Washington Presidents
  • Washington Brigade
  • Washington Red Hogs
  • Washington Red Wolves
  • Washington Football Team
  • Washington Defenders
  • Washington Commanders

There is growing support for the franchise to become the Red Wolves, perfectly tying in the existing colors. But the football world will have to wait until two weeks before the Super Bowl to find out.