If Warriors and Nuggets are Favorites to Land Kevin Love, What Next?

Conflicting reports aplenty on the Kevin Love front. According to Baxter Holmes of The Boston Globe, the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets are now the front-runners to land the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star. 

This contrasts a great deal with a report by ESPN’s Chad Ford that indicates the Celtics had the best offer on the table for Love.

I was told by a good source in Minnesota that as of Monday, the Celtics had the best offer on the table and were the favorites to land Love. I think Bill Simmons reported something similar today.

I know the Boston Herald just said the opposite — that the Warriors and Nuggets had made better offers. But I’m skeptical. The Warriors won’t include Klay Thompson (at least not yet). And the Nuggets? They have the 11th pick. They have Kenneth Faried. But what else? Gallinari? Hickson? I don’t think that’s a better offer than the Celtics.

Common logics suggests that the cornerstone of Boston’s package in any offer to the Timberwolves is Jared Sullinger and multiple first-round picks. It does boast the sixth and 17th overall selections in the upcoming NBA draft.

As it relates to the Warriors, they don’t have any selections to really offer Minnesota in a deal. Their current package likely involves David Lee, Harrison Barnes and a couple fillers. As of right now, Golden State doesn’t seem prepared to offer Klay Thompson in a deal for Love. That could really complicate things for both sides.

If the Warriors are to land Love, they would likely have to part with Thompson while taking Timberwolves shooting guard Kevin Martin in addition to Love.

As Ford points out, Denver isn’t necessarily in the best of positions here. It can offer a low lottery ticket, high-upside player in Faried and another piece or two.

The Timberwolves may not value Boston’s sixth pick all too much at this point, figuring that they could get a similar player with their original selection. It appears that Flip Saunders and Co. may very well be looking for proven talent in lieu of draft picks. If so, the Warriors become an immediate favorite to land Love should they decide to add Thompson to the mix.

Don’t you just love this time of the year?

Photo: NESN.com