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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala might have just hinted at retirement

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors veteran and former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala is looking to make it back for Game 1 of the championship round on Thursday.

Iggy missed the Warriors’ Game 4 win over the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals with a left calf injury. He’s expected to go Game 1 against either Toronto or Milwaukee.

In talking about said injury and more following practice on Saturday, Iguodala might have very well hinted at retirement after the Finals end.

“My career is almost over. I’m about to be done playing anyway.”

When asked if he’s looking at signing another contract, Iggy didn’t answer one way or another. He did note just how long the past five seasons have been for the forward and his teammates. After all, Golden State is the first team in north of a half century to earn five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.

At 35 years old, enough might be enough for Iguodala. He is set to earn north of $17 million next season before hitting free agency.

The former All-Star averaged just 5.7 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game during the regular season. Those numbers have increased to 10.1 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.9 assists in the playoffs.