Ware For Art Though DeMarcus?

By Jessica Kleinschmidt

Free agency will find everyone. 31 year-old defensive lineman DeMarcus Ware could not avoid the inevitable. He however is making his own demands to the Dallas Cowboys. He requested a decision be made by this evening, 4 pm ET.Are you ready for complicated? We love complicated right? Here it goes…

According to rotoworld.com, the Cowboys would create $7.432 million in cap space if they were to make the decision to cut Ware. It could also drop to $3.25 million if Ware was designated as a post-June 1st cut. However, Ware’s salary stays until June 1st which means, no cap room.

Still with me?

The Cowboys have told Ware he needs to take the pay cut. How did he react? He simply said he would do well in free agency and does not feel any pressure about the situation.

Last season Ware totaled 40 tackles, six sacks, and 1 interception.

Photo: Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports