MLS player Wandrille Lefevre suspended over Donald Trump gun post

Wandrille Lefevre

The Montreal Impact, an MLS club, have suspended defender¬†Wandrille Lefevre after he shared a photo of himself holding a gun, captioned “Since Donald is in power, better safe than sorry,” on Instagram, in reference to President Trump.

A quick run through of some good rules we’ve seen reinforced over the past week: “Don’t try and use your soft drink to solve inequality,” “Don’t violently drag passengers off a flight,” “Don’t downplay the Holocaust,” and, last but not least “Don’t mention the president in a social media post that involves guns.”

You’d think these would all be pretty easy to follow by now, but apparently not.

Pepsi, United Airlines, Sean Spicer and now Wandrille Lefevre have learned (or not) these lessons the hard way.