Von Miller: No Fly Zone ‘disbanded’ now that Aqib Talib is gone

Von MIller COVID-19
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The nickname for the Denver Broncos secondary since 2014 has been the “No Fly Zone.” But linebacker Von Miller says the No Fly Zone has been “disbanded” since the departure of cornerback Aqib Talib.

Miller said it is time to move on an come up with something else. Talib signed a six-year deal with Broncos in 2014, which would have taken him through the 2019 season. But that came to a quick ending when the Broncos traded Talib to the Los Angeles Rams last Thursday.

Coincidentally enough, Talib also said that his trade marked the end of the “No Fly Zone.” He confirmed it as dead “and in the books.”


Talib also said that there was never any “rift” between him and his former Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. Talib is also glad that the trade landed him in Los Angeles and said that he understands the Broncos’ need to keep the younger guys around.

The 32-year-old defensive back will now look to make new memories with the Rams. We can only imagine what nicknames the Rams’ secondary might take on considering Talib will be joining newly traded cornerback Marcus Peters. This duo will present headaches left and right for opposing offenses.

As for Miller, he wished Talib the best in his new ventures.