Vladimir Guerrero Jr. home run
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is participating in the Home Run Derby. Judging by a practice session on Tuesday, the Toronto Blue Jays rookie is ready.

Guerrero hit impressive home runs early and often during Tuesday’s prep.

The Blue Jays put a clock (like the one he’ll deal with in the Derby) on the scoreboard. Additionally, this was not a typical rapid fire batting practice session. The pitcher was not throwing any balls until the previous ball landed, which is a Home Run Derby rule.

More importantly, Guerrero’s swing didn’t look different. Many hitters get into trouble after the Home Run Derby because they alter their swings for the event. Guerrero’s looks pretty similar.

Whether we’re talking about his chances in the Derby or how Guerrero will do afterwards, there’s a lot to like from Guerrero here.

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