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Vince Carter not interested in ring chasing, wants to play two more years

Vince Carter to the Warriors?

Vince Carter is a 19-year veteran of the NBA at the age of 40, but the grizzled free agent still has a burning passion to play, and play a lot.

During a Summer League broadcast, Carter spoke about his future. He said he has no intention of chasing a ring for the sake of chasing a ring, meaning he has no interest in sitting at the end of a bench to achieve a championship.

Instead, Carter made it clear he’s just waiting out the initial wave of free agency action (more on all that here) to see where he will fit in.

These comment somewhat clash with other recent comments in which Carter said he would take less money to play for the Golden State Warriors. That’s probably a moot point, however, now that Andre Iguodala has re-signed with the Warriors.

Carter also revealed he wants to play two more years in the NBA. After that, he said he might be inclined to be a bench warmer for a championship-caliber team, if he was asked to play such a role.

But at this time the only thing on Carter’s mind is making meaningful contributions on the court. It’s worth pointing out he’s still capable of producing at a high level. Last season, Carter averaged  8.0 points and 3.1 rebounds per game while shooting at a 38 percent mark from three-point range for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Not bad for a guy who was already making huge plays in the NBA before some of its new young stars weren’t even out of diapers yet.