Vikings RB Dalvin Cook cooks up food for family after NFL debut

Look for a Pro Bowl performance from Dalvin Cook as a rookie.

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook put on a show in front of his home crowd Monday night against the New Orleans Saints. Facing one of the greatest players in Vikings history, Adrian Peterson, Cook starred to the tune of 127 rushing yards in a 29-19 win.

Following the game, Cook wanted to take his family out for a celebratory dinner. The problem? His restaurant of choice, Lotus Uptown, kitchen was closed for the night.

So instead of hitting up another establishment, Cook joined Uptown owner Yoom Nguyen in cooking a feast for his family.


Cook cooks. You know? Very punny.

In any event, the star young running back served up chicken and shrimp lo mein, both of which were very much to the liking of the family.

“He’s a natural,” Nguyen said,” via GoMn.com. “I helped him scoop it into the bowl. When he brought the food out to his family, they didn’t believe he was the one that cooked it.”

The hope here is that Cook finds a way to continue cooking opposing defenses throughout the remainder of the rookie season. That could continue by serving the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense up on a platter in Week 2, maybe with a side of Heinz field tears.