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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer undergoes eighth eye surgery

Vincent Frank
Mike Zimmer

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer might have braved through the emergency surgery he had on his eye last year, but it continues to be an issue for the veteran coach.

Zimmer revealed to the press on Saturday that he just recently underwent an eighth surgery on the eye after further complications came up.

“I had another little surgery last Wednesday, so it’s healing,’’ Zimmer said,” via the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

This comes on the heels of multiple surgeries Zimmer underwent back in April, at which point he thought he was done going under the knife.

Zimmer suffered the injury during a game against the Chicago Bears on Halloween last year. The incident led to an emergency procedure.

“It’s so complicated, but they took the silicone … out. They put the gas bubble in,” Zimmer said of his most-recent surgery.

The head coach is unable to fly for the next six weeks after Wednesday’s procedure.