Vikings’ Harrison Smith: New rules need to be ‘physically possible’

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith is the latest player to chime in on the NFL’s new helmet rule, which has been nothing short of a disaster so far in the preseason.

Smith, who watched one of his teammates get hit with one of the worst penalties we’ve ever seen on Saturday, shared the perspective that it’s not physically possible to follow the new rule.

This comment echoes what San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman had to say in a pointed and accurate Twitter rant on Sunday.

The NFL has to know that it cannot continue calling penalties on plays like many that have been flagged this preseason. The league has been compiling a database of all the flagged hits so far this summer and likely will make tweaks to how it calls them during the regular season.

That being said, it’s all just so confusing right now, because form tackles, with players leading with shoulder pads while making a point of getting their head out of the way have been deemed illegal.

If this continues to be the case going forward, then the NFL might as well legitimately put flags on players and ban tackling outright.