Vikings’ Anthony Barr on free agency: ‘It was terrible’

The Minnesota Vikings are certainly glad to have four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr back in the mix.

Earlier in the week, Barr agreed in principle to sign a lucrative contract with the New York Jets in free agency. Within hours, Barr had spurned the Jets to return to his original Vikings team.

In talking about the decision-making process during his press conference announcing he has re-signed with the Vikings, Barr had a rather interesting take.

“I thought Monday was going to be a fun day,” Barr said, via Chad Graff of The Athletic. “It turned out it was one of the worst days of my life. I’m serious. It was terrible.”

Most on the outside don’t fully understand what goes into free agency. These men are not just choosing the team they’ll play for. They are changing their lifestyles and uprooting their families.

Barr had previously noted that he was sick to his stomach following the initial decision to sign with New York. It’s now rather obvious that wasn’t hyperbole.