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VIDEO: Stadium Video Rendering

Scott Gulbransen
Las Vegas Stadium
The Raiders new 65,000-seat stadium will be an instant draw for the NFL.

The planned Las Vegas Raiders stadium will have 10 levels: — Event level — Grass field; security command/medical; maintenance; press work rooms; locker rooms. — Lower mezzanine — Retail store; box office; VIP entry lobbies. — Main concourse — Concessions; sponsor area; public restrooms; club facilities; ticket-holder seats. — Lower suite — Standard and executive suites; VIP lounges. — Upper suite — Suites; ticket-holder seats; concessions; VIP lounges. — Mid-bowl mezzanine — Air handling equipment rooms. — Upper concourse — Ticket-holder seats; concessions; hawker areas; incidental storage. — Upper mezzanine — Ticket-holder seats. — Press level — Press gondola, TV/radio broadcast booths; writing press; coaches’ booths. — Catwalk — Access to lights and equipment. — Roof, 195 feet above ground — Cable roof system.