Vic Fangio: NFL officials have been told not to overturn pass interference reviews

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio shared an eye-opening quote that makes too much sense as it relates to the NFL refusing to overturn pass interference reviews.

During his press conference Monday, Fangio shared what another head coach had told him about this subject. A touchdown had been scored, but the coach believed it was due to offensive pass interference. But because it was a scoring play, the league has to review it, rather than a coach’s challenge.

However, when the coach complained to the league about it during the week, the NFL said it should have been pass interference. So, the coach called the officiating department and asked why pass interference was not called, and he was told the officials have been instructed not to overturn those.

Here’s the full Fangio quote, courtesy of Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic.

We’ve long suspected that the NFL has a mandate that pass interference reviews should not be overturned — the evidence to support such claim is overwhelming.

Now we have some proof that the entire rule is nothing more than a sham, aside from a couple of outliers that were so egregious that the league was forced to overturn.