Vegas odds heavily favor UFC suspending Conor McGregor

By Vincent Frank

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor simply can’t keep his nose clean outside of the Octagon.

The Irishman was just recently involved in an incident at a local bar in which he allegedly punched an elderly man. It stemmed from a dispute over whiskey. Imagine that.

McGregor has been in the news a plethora of times in recent years, including an incident prior to a UFC event last year. McGregor was also arrested in Miami earlier this year on charges of robbery and criminal mischief.

It goes without saying that UFC head Dana White and Co. are keeping tabs on this most-recent incident. Though, White attempted to downplay what happened.

“You’re talking about a pub in Ireland,” White Said, via TMZ Sports. “Know how many guys get punched in the face every day in a pub in Ireland? Yeah, a lot.”

Despite this, Vegas odds are heavily favoring the UFC handind McGregor a suspension.

In case you read that wrong, we’re looking at +550 odds to see McGregor suspended by White and Co.

Regardless of these odds, McGregor will have to answer to the authorities in Ireland. Even if he were let off, the UFC might have something to say about a return to fighting.