Unnamed NFL Coach on Robert Griffin III: “He’s Done”

The Washington Redskins are surely hoping Robert Griffin III is able to rebound from two disastrous campaigns and return to 2012 form this upcoming season.

Instead of adding more competition for the starting job, the brass in Washington decided it made sense to give RGIIIĀ an opportunity to prove himself. This was magnified by the team picking up his $16.1 million option for the 2016 campaign.

Considering the team likely isn’t going to be contending for a playoff spot this upcoming season, it makes sense to play it out with this embattled signal caller. Though, if recent trends are any indication, the former Heisman winner isn’t going to do enough to prove that he’s capable of being the franchise guy moving forward.

This belief was just recently backed up by an unnamed offensive coach around the NFL (via ESPN’s Mike Sando):

“He is done. The reason is, the injury slowed his legs, and his ego will not allow him to hit rock bottom and actually grind his way back up the right way.”

Ouch. That’s not exactly a positive take on the young former Baylor quarterback.

We have all read the reports of RGIII rubbing teammates and the coaching staff in Washington the wrong way in recent years. Whether ego or something completely different, the 25-year-old quarterback seems to have a shortage of supporters within the franchise.

On the field, RGIII has been a disaster recently. He’s won five of his past 20 starts dating back to the start of the 2013 season. During that span, he has tallied 20 touchdowns compared to 18 interceptions for a quarterback rating in the mid 80s.

Continuing with the theme of knocking a man while he’s down, yet another unnamed individual within the NFL spoke about RGIII in less-than-glowing terms:

“To get better in this league, you have to have a degree of humility,” a personnel director said, via ESPN.com. “Griffin sees himself like Peyton, in that light. When he looks in the mirror, he is seeing things that everybody else is not seeing. That is why I was surprised when they gave him the fifth-year [option] and said it was an easy decision.”

Seemingly healthy after suffering multiple knee injuries over the past few years, RGIII is looking to prove all of these skeptics wrong.

The issue here is that Washington doesn’t stand much of a chance of competing in the NFC East this season. And short of RGIII putting up a similar performance as the one that saw him dominate as a rookie in 2012, his naysayers will continue to be out in full force.

I just wish they would put their names behind their attacks on the young quarterback.

Photo: USA Today Sports