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UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen could face a draft day slide

Josh Rosen

In asking most NFL Draft experts, either UCLA’s Josh Rosen or USC’s Sam Darnold is the top quarterback in a loaded class at that position.

While there might not be a lot of off-field or injury concerns surrounding Darnold, the same can’t be said for Rosen. By now, hisĀ outspoken mentality is already known. Though, it’s injury concerns that continue to pop up surrounding the former Bruin.

He underwent shoulder surgery during an injury-plagued 2016 campaign and suffered multiple concussions while in college.

Now, according to this one report, all of that could lead to a potential draft day slide for Rosen.


Allbright went on to note that if Rosen doesn’t go to the New York Giants at two or Denver Broncos with the fifth pick, he’ll fall in the draft.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account potential trades. Picking outside of the top 10, the Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots are all said to be interested in quarterbacks.

If Rosen does fall out of the top five, one of those teams could definitely decide to move up for him.

Either way, this could be a very intriguing storyline heading into the annual event in Dallas later this month.