Tyreek Hill’s lawyer denies abuse claims in letter to NFL

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s job in the NFL is tenuous at best right now.

Just recently, a video was released that depicted Hill threatening his fiancée, Crystal Espinal. Said video shockingly showed Espinal indicating that Hill was responsible for the broken arm their child suffered (watch here).

This all comes after an investigation into multiple incidents of alleged child abuse at Hill’s Kansas home. After authorities decided against pressing charges, the video’s release acted as an umbrella to re-open the case.

Speaking out for the first time about the allegations, Hill’s lawyer sent a letter to the NFL. He denied his client’s role in any abuse directed at the young kid.

“He (Hill) categorically denies he has ever ‘punched’ his son in the chest or anywhere on his body, or otherwise touched him in the chest in a mean-spirited manner or as a form of discipline,” Hill’s lawyer, N. Trey Pettlon, wrote in a letter to the NFL (h/t Adam Schefter of ESPN).

Since the most-recent video was released, the Chiefs decided to suspend Hill from all off-season activities. Meanwhile, another report depicted Hill’s fiancée as an absentee mother.

The Chiefs said over the weekend that they are conducting an internal investigation into the matter. For now, Hill remains employed. How long that lasts is anyone’s best guess.