Twins reliever Tyler Duffey admits he’s worn teammate’s undies

We all know locker rooms and clubhouses are sanctuaries where players of any sport can commune in ways most of us cannot begin to fathom. Whether it’s the never-ending zingers as players poke fun at one another, the camaraderie that is built through hard work, devastating losses and crowning achievements, or just the smell, clubhouses and locker rooms are unique, just like the players that occupy them.

With all that being said, Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Tyler Duffey has taken things to another level.

During his time in the minors, Duffey says he’s utilized his team’s lost and found bin to acquire, of all things, another player’s used long john undies.

“I’d wear another layer in between,” he explained, per Aaron Reiss of the Star Tribune. “And that was in minor leagues.”

After Duffey admitted this foul deed, fellow reliever Buddy Boshers did what any sane person would do — he groaned in disgust, per Reiss.

“Hey, I don’t care,” Duffey said. “It was cold in Rochester. They were Jose Pinto’s. I think. I’m pretty sure.”

“And you stole them,” Boshers said.

Duffey said he tried to return them afterwards but that Pinto didn’t want them.

Well, duh.

While most of us wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, Duffey admits he’s “notorious” for taking other people’s cloths that end up in the lost and found bin.

“It’s a never-ending pile of clean laundry, and toward the end of the year you can sift through and see what you want out of it,” Duffey said. “I’m notorious.”

We can get behind taking T-shirts, hoodies, pants and shorts, but undies is a line we just cannot cross. Let’s hope, for Tyler Duffey’s sake, that they really are all the way clean.