Two-time Pro Bowler Lane Johnson carted off after ankle injury

© Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles had just watched Alshon Jeffery get carted off the field when two-time Pro Bowl right tackle Lane Johnson went down in a heap.

Quarterback Carson Wentz had been hit when he and the defender crashed into Johnson, pinning his left leg down and causing it to be bent awkwardly.

He remained on the ground in an obvious, great deal of pain when trainers came onto the field to assess the situation.

The good news is that Johnson was able to limp off the field under his own power. He was then taken directly into the blue medical tent on Philadelphia’s sideline for further medical testing.

After being looked at in the medical tent, Johnson was carted off the field into the locker room.

It’s always hard when injuries take guys out of games. But this one’s definitely a bitter pill for Johnson to swallow.

One of the best right tackles in football, Johnson signed a huge contract extension with the Eagles less than a month ago. ESPN’s broadcast shared that Johnson would be questionable to return with an ankle injury.