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Twitter reacts to Tony Romo press conference

Rachel Wold
Tony Romo has no plans to file his retirement paperwork

Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Tony Romo addressed the media for the first time since injuring his back in August.

The veteran quarterback delivered a poised and emotional speech in which he said rookie Dak Prescott has “earned the right to be our quarterback.”

Romo did not take any questions or mention the word “retirement.” He also indicated his desire to still play. The speech certainly left a lot of unanswered questions on the table.

Fans are already chattering about Romo going to another team (we have some thoughts about where he’d be a good fit).

Many others believe he should actually retire, while some still want to see Romo take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Here are some of the immediate reactions and takeaways we assembled from Twitter regarding Romo’s heartfelt speech.