Twitter reacts to Rob Gronkowski’s controversial catch

Late in the first half as the New England Patriots hosted the Houston Texans, Rob Gronkowski hauled in a beautiful juggling pass.

Or did he?

It sure looked like Gronk never had full possession, and the ball came out.

The officials in the booth did not stop the game — it was in the two-minute warning period, meaning any review comes from the booth — and the Patriots lined up quickly and ran another play.

A few plays later, Tom Brady hit Phillip Dorsett for a touchdown.

Twitter users had some pretty opinionated reactions to this controversial play, with some taking aim at Texans head coach Bill O’Brien for not calling a timeout to give the booth more time to look at the so-called catch.


Others pointed to the inconsistency of NFL officials, as the Julio Jones play Thursday night was ruled incomplete despite what many viewed as a clear catch.


The NFL is nothing if not inconsistent.