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Twitter reacts to NFL refs still having no clue what a catch is

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On the first drive of the game between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, Julio Jones bobbled a ball and should have not been credited for a catch.

Except officials in the game ruled that he did catch the ball. And after Joe Philbin challenged the obvious missed call, somehow the refs upheld it as a catch.

Check out this unbelievable gaffe by the refs here.

In no way is this a catch. Even with the rules that took away the “survived the ground” nonsense that plagued the league for years, this is not a catch. Jones never controlled the ball. He dropped it.

Then, just moments after Philbin had his first challenge rebuffed, Jones did this.

Philbin challenged this one as well. It was a bit easier to justify the officials calling this one a catch, though his second foot did come very close to hitting the white line.

Still, with less than two minutes in this game, Philbin was out of challenges. And at least in part this is due to some awful officiating in this game.