Twitter reacts to Georgia punter’s horrible start in Sugar Bowl

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the Sugar Bowl against Texas did not go according to plan for Georgia punter, Jake Camarda.

His first punt appeared to be a real gem. Unfortunately, when he fielded a low snap, it was ruled that his knee was on the ground before punting (watch here). It was a swing of 66 yards.

Camarda’s next punt was a stone cold shank, going only 11 yards.

That caused Twitter to have some fun at the expense of Georgia’s punter.


There was some good news. For the most part, the Bulldogs bailed Camarda out.

More good news for Camarda, a true freshman, is that things can’t get any worse. The bad news is that the Longhorns have a 17-0 lead after just over a quarter.