Twitter reacts to Andrew Benintendi’s weird, three-out inning

By Michael Dixon

The Boston Red Sox and left fielder Andrew Benintendi had an unusual bottom of the seventh in Wednesday’s game vs. the Miami Marlins.

The Red Sox had a massive inning, scoring 11 runs to turn a 5-3 deficit into an 11-5 lead. But Benintendi didn’t get in on the fun. In fact, he was responsible for all three outs.

Red Sox Nation and the rest of Twitter had soe fun with the rarity.

Ok. That’s a joke…we think. It was not the only one.

That’s a rough inning. But what his team did is a pretty good relief for Benintendi. Additionally, the Red Sox won the game 14-6, moving to a staggering 91-42 on the season.