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Twitter reacts to Bartolo Colon coming oh, so close to perfection

Jesse Reed
Bartolo Colon return MLB

On Sunday night, Bartolo Colon had the baseball world on the edge of its seat. The 44-year-old pitcher, whose career was thought to be over as recently as last year, had a perfect game going through seven innings.

By the end of the sixth inning, the Astros were doing everything they could to throw a monkey wrench into things.

People started to believe Colon really could pull off the miracle when he completed his seventh inning without giving up a hit, the perfect game still intact. This is when all hell started breaking loose on social media as people tried to wrap their heads around what was happening.


In the bottom of the eighth inning, Carlos Correa drew a walk on five pitches, becoming the first person to get on base against Colon in the game.

The Astros rejoiced, while some on Twitter realized they might have just jinxed the perfect game.


However, the no-no was still alive.

Then, right fielder Josh Reddick blew that up, doubling into right field on an 0-2 count to put the no-hitter to bed and crush almost all our hopes.

However, the Astros were pleased as punch.

One batter later, Yuli Guriel drove in Correa with a sacrifice fly, and not only was the no-hitter gone, but so also was the lead. Houston tied the game up 1-1, and in the process, Colon was pulled for reliever Alex Claudio, who retired the side, the game tied up at 1-1.

The perfect game and no-hitter bid by Colon was pretty darn amazing, regardless. He’s not supposed to be able to do the stuff he does, yet Big Sexy always manages to surprise us now and again.

Hopefully, this wasn’t the last thrill Colon gives his fans.