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Twitter reacts to Andy Dalton’s very awful, super terrible Week 1

Jesse Reed
Andy Dalton
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe he just wanted to get it all out of his system. Maybe he didn’t eat his Wheaties for breakfast. Whatever the reason, Andy Dalton was putrid in Week 1.

During the Cincinnati Bengals’ home opener — a 20-0 shutout beat down by their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens — Dalton engineered a comedy of errors. He finished the game with 170 yards on 16-of-33 passing, did not throw a single touchdown, was picked off four times (once right in the end zone, when the game was still just 3-0 in favor of Baltimore), fumbled the ball away once and completely ruined any chance the Bengals had of winning.

This was a game in which Cincinnati was favored to win. Given how poorly he played, it’s not surprising the folks on Twitter laid into Dalton extremely hard.


That last one is a valid question. Though, we know Marvin Lewis is extremely slow to do anything “rash,” which is why he’s never once coached the Bengals to a playoff win.

Cincinnati absolutely crapped the bed in Week 1. It was the worst possible way to start out the season after going 6-9-1 last year. Looks like the recovery needs a bit of work, guys.