Twitter reacts after Refs screw Colts out of final play with awful call

NFL Referee

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Indianapolis Colts 6-0 on Sunday. But the final play of the game was not without controversy.

With time expiring, the Colts were driving for a potential game-winning touchdown. Andrew Luck hit Erik Swoope on an out route. Jalen Ramsey hit Swoope, who fell out of bounds. But the official ruled that Swoope’s forward progress had stopped and therefore, the clock should run.

Time ran out before the Colts could get another snap.

Many people on Twitter weren’t exactly buying that ruling.



In the end, it’s certainly hard to say that this one play cost the Colts the game. But Luck going for the end zone on one final play would have been fun to see.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the NFL has to say about this in the coming days.