49ers bloggers compiling Twitter lists for all the people Richard Sherman blocked

While Seattle Seahawks fans are hating on cornerback Richard Sherman, San Francisco 49ers fans who were previously blocked by Sherman want access to his Twitter account.

This is quite hilarious. Apparently Sherman blocked so many people in the past, he needs “a list” so he can start unblocking Twitter accounts.

Thankfully for Sherman, and for 49ers fans, some bloggers are helping out on that end.

It is awfully kind that the local writers are offering to help compile this said list and provide it to Sherman.

The All-Pro corner is very outspoken on social media and was apparently not shy about blocking people who bugged him as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. This leaves us to wonder exactly how many people Sherman has blocked since he opened his Twitter account in March of 2009.

Nevertheless, we wish him luck reversing all the damages.